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The description of SukuSuku Jikanbo Free(Baby) App

The collaboration project with a time-management specialist Nami Arakawa finally released!What moms want is more time!Mom who has a baby is too busy for childcare and house chores. Busy mother can't go out anytime she wants or relax. The baby needs to be breast-fed and changed diapers morning, noon and night.SukuSuku Jikanbo is just for those moms! Keeping track of time-management log, you will see the quality use of time that you are not usually aware of.Creating the log is very easy! Just tap a cell of the time-line and select an icon of baby's and mom's behavior.You can save what you want to do in TODO-line when baby's sleeping. When you have done what you saved in TODO-line, add ◯ mark on the icon, add ☓ mark when you couldn't have done.By comparing baby's and mother's behavior, you will understand when is the best time to do things for yourself.You will get the knack of how you manage your time better by using this SukuSuku Jikanbo!The initial screen is the calendar.1,「Today」Button:Go back to today's date.2&3.「Left」「Right」Button:Move the date right and left.4.「Jikanbo」Button:Tap this button to move to the Jikanbo screen.Let's make time-management log 「Jikanbo」!1.Select a date on the calendar→Tap the 「Jikanbo」button at the right bottom of the calendar.2.Move to the Jikanbo screen.3.First, set up the time-line display. Press「Menu」button then select 「Base Setting」.4.Select the hours you want to display and tap 「Save」.5.Then tap a cell of baby's column of time-line to save baby's behavior →Move to baby's icon selection screen.6.You can save text without icon, or both icon and text , or icon without text. When you select an icon, it will be automatically saved. Tap 「Save」button when you want to save the text.7.Now tap a cell of mom's column of time-line to save mom's behavior.→Move to mom's icon selection screen. Save and add icon & text exactly the same way.9.You can save what you want to do in TODO column while baby's sleeping. <How to save 「TODO」icons>1.Tap a cell of TODO column of time-line.2.TODO add screen appears. Tap the 「Add」 button.3.The icon selection screen will be displayed.→Tap the left-bottom 「Mark」button.4.The icon list will be displayed so select one you want to add.5.When you can't find the icon for your TODO, you can save text instead.6.After entering text or selecting an icon, tap 「Save」button.7.You can see saved icon in TODO list.8.Here, you tap again the icon you have added in the list otherwise the icon will not be added in TODO column.<Add Mark ◯ or ☓.>1.Tap the icon you have saved in TODO column.2.TODO add screen appears.3.Select a mark ◯ or ☓ then either one you have selected will be added onto the icon. You can confirm view if you have done what you wanted or not at a glance.<How to go back to the calendar>1.Tap 「Calendar」button at the right-bottom of the Jikanbo screen.2.You can see the list of what you have saved in Jikanbo screen on the calendar.3,When baby's behavior is saved in Jikanbo, a baby icon will be appeared on the date. It's the same with mom's behavior.Nami Arakawa Time-management specialist.She had been researching how mothers could manage to have more free while catching up on house chores and baby/child care everyday. She finally divides and published Jikanbo in 1999 and it became a vert popular topic in Japan. She has wrote many Japanese publications regarding Jikanbo.※Pay version:No ads display

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