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Publish Date: 2020-12-12
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The description of AMAN – JORDAN APP COVID-19 App

AMAN App has been developed for Jordan’s Ministry of Health (MoH) by COVID-19 JOTECH Community, a group of tech-savvy volunteers. AMAN is a privacy-conscious, exposure detection App. It helps keep the community and Jordan safe from coronavirus. Everyone has a role to play! By downloading AMAN you are keeping yourself, your family, your community and Jordan safe and healthy!***Have we been around an active COVID-19 case?*** ***And if we have, how can we be notified ASAP?***To minimise risk and get reliable information to Jordanians and their guests – we’ve built this App. AMAN is a community-driven App using anonymous GPS data to detect exposure to COVID-19 patients. Once downloaded AMAN stores data about their location points for the past 14 days. If someone using AMAN is diagnosed with coronavirus by the Ministry of Health, the people who have been recently in contact with her/him will be notified through the app advising them to isolate and call 111, MOH’s COVID-19 Hotline, for instructions.Your privacy matters; it is as important as your health. Therefore, AMAN only stores data on your phone and does not request any personal information or data that could lead to your identification or to breaching your privacy. How you can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by installing AMAN now:● Download the AMAN App● Follow the instructions.● Always keep location services turned on.● Check that AMAN App is running in the background when you are out and about or are likely to come into contact with others.● If you have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient, AMAN will notify you by indicating the level of risk of exposure to COVID-19, and ask you to self-isolate and contact MoH’s Hotline, 111.● If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you can to share your anonymised location data through AMAN with MoH’s officials. This would help to notify people who have been in contact with you without knowing your identity.AMAN App is a community-driven initiative for Jordan and the Ministry of Health. Visit and for more information.Aman works in all cities and regions of Jordan including; Amman, Az Zarqa, Irbid,Al Karak, ar-Ramtha population, Jerash, Sakib and Ajloun.

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