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Name GPS Speedometer – Trip Meter
Category Maps & Navigation App
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Developer California Cyber Developers
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Publish Date: 2021-12-16
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The description of GPS Speedometer – Trip Meter App

New features of Speedometer with Map and window mode are now available in the App. Always have the driving speed and great amount of info about your car journey with GPS Speedometer with train speed live meter. New features include Altimeter from which you can get accurate altitude readings with one of the altitude meter. In this App our Altimeter is working. We all know how neat looking is having all of the relevant drive stats on our Android devices. Our app displays the speed gps basic data in a neatly organized and stunning auto gps also called the car trip meter app. This App contains the kph speed meter. This accurate speedometer app can be used with all vehicles and also as speedometer for car. The App has Special design for speedometer for bike which can also be called as the speedometer for motorcycle. This App is very suited if you want to use as speedometer for cycle. MEASURES EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR TRIP & Measure distanceNo matter if it is max speed or average speed, the car trip meter and trip odometer app will measure it and keep it and the km h speed Alternatively, there is time and distance for each trip. The trip counter can do its registering properly with this meter reading app. You can also pause your trip, and return with the trip meter function with a simple tap also for train speed live meterSPEED NOTIFICATIONSSpeed limits are everywhere and this feature can save you from speed tickets. By using this distance measurement app your next travel destination will be without any stress and measure distance easily.GET ACCURATE DRIVING SPEED with MilometerThis is also a distance measurement app. We are sure about the accuracy of this gps trip meter. The gps speed alert is based on the Android speedometer app. The gps speed app will offer extremely precise speed drive values and you can compare it while driving and using meter reading app.GPS Speedometer features :- Odometer app for bike with kilometer tracker.- Speedometer with Map using milometer- Precise speed in kph speed meter.- Train speed live meter with milometer- Classic trip meter features like kilometer tracker.- Ability to stop and return to GPS speed tracking.- records any trip you make.- can send speed notifications to remind you about speed limits.- Window mode Speedometer.- Altitude meter like kilometrage.- Altimeter with meter reading app.This is also odometer app for bike. No matter when and where your next road trip will be, try GPS Speedometer today and you will have speed and route info about it. This speed GPS can also be used as gps data logger with the functions of gps speed alert. App contains features like GPS accelerometer which is accurate when it comes to gps acceleration.By using this App you will find the gps tripmeter which is also being called as trip odometer. In this App the gps odometer with the features of complete trip counter is available. The app gets the fastest gps fix and can be useful for everyone as gps route finder if you know the roads and directions.You don’t need to be tech saavy to use it accordingly. gps km/h can used with the train speed live meter.This speedometer app can be used as speedometer for car with gps km/h.Speedometer for bike and special riders who like bikes can use it as speedometer for motorcycle. If you are adventurous then it’s great to use as speedometer for cycle.App can display the speed in knots which can be used as speedometer shipping. You can use it as your personal gps data logger.App contains the features like gps speed alert and gps accelerometer which provides the accurate gps acceleration.One thing to remember is that the name of the App gps tripmeter has the same meaning as trip odometer. People on long journey can use it as trip counter, at last this app has better and very fast gps fix for everyone.

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