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Name GPS Speedometer: Trip Odometer
Category Maps & Navigation App
Size 8.3 MB
Reviews 3348
Developer Wonderful HAonesoft Tech
Publish Date: 2022-03-21
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The description of GPS Speedometer: Trip Odometer App

This is very accurate GPS speedometer and GPS odometer App, this app have many features like measure current speed, total distance, average speed, total time spent on journey, top speed of your journey and many more with bike speed meter using the km/h meterTOP FEATURES1. Total trip distance, current speed, average speed, altitude and top speed with km speed test2. Record and save all the trip information and view it later3. Speed warning or speed limit using speed metre4. Change color of speedometer along with kmh counter5. Free to use speed metre6. Accurate readings7. HUD mode for bike speed meter8 . Train speed live meter9. GPS speedometer using the km/h meter10. GPS odometer with speed meter along with kmh speedwith bike speedometer you can also save the detailed information about your journey inside this app. You can also perform car speed test & calibrate speedometer of your car and bike using the kmh counterApp gives you very accurate readings. You can use it as speedometer for car and speedometer for bikes. You can change colors of the text inside the app. This App also contains Speed warning or speed limit and it will warn you if you exceed your speed limit. This can also be used as train speed checker or speedometer for train. This bike speedometer specially as speedometer app while you can km/h for running trainThis app has HUD mode in which you can monitor the car speed and other information about your trip by the reflection of the App on your car’s wind shield ACCURATE SPEED DISPLAY FOR GPS SPEEDOMETER km/hmeasure gps speed with this app and can be used as speedometer for bicycle. km speed test Gps speedometer has a built in odometer to measure your trip distance. Speed tracking is very precise using tachometer. Driving speed of car is accurate. Speed tracker is one of the best. this mph app is good if you have broken Car speedometer then use this App km reading app or if you have broken motorcycle speedometer then this is very useful. km reading app Speed odometer record the total distance of your journey using this bike speed meter.App has built in Tachometer for your use. Very good speed meter appThis bike speed meter is very accurate. This gps meter can be used by everyone. It gives you accurate reading of my speed. Use this app for precise car speed test. Download this free gps speedometer app which can be used in offline mode along with gps odometer.Its recommended to use it as train speed live meter for the purpose of train speed checker.You can also check the speed of train by using it as train speed meter with tachometer some people also call it gps speedometer for train this is very useful when you use speedometer app for running train. You don’t need to use a separate app for speedometer for bike or speedometer for car. This app works by calculating gps speed.

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