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Name The Secret of Weight
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Developer Le Secret du Poids SAS
Publish Date: 2022-05-06
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The description of The Secret of Weight App

The Secret of Weight (TSOW) is a simple and practical calorie counter based on photos. With this fun and playful application, you can either maintain your weight, slim down or even gain weight; it’s all up to you!We all have heard about calories before! Why use this app then? Is it easy to navigate? How do we add up our calories?The Secret of Weight explains everything! The number of calories you can spend each day. What happens if you go over your budget? How to rectify when you overindulge… Most importantly, the application simplifies calorie counting for you, as you can select what you had to eat using food pictures in the app!How does it work?- There is a daily calorie budget which you can spend without getting fat. You can spend your money as you wish! You can eat all kinds of food and as long as you stay within your budget you will not gain weight! This is THE big Secret of Weight.Okay, but how does it all work?- Throughout the day, you can add the food you're having and select the portions you're having by using the food pictures. A small gauge shows you how many calories you have left to spend for that given day.- If you eat more than the budget, you’ll gain weight: a chart shows you, in real time, how many grams you gain when you overindulge.- If you eat less than your estimated budget, you’ll lose weight: a chart indicates, in real time, how many grams you have lost.The new thing about this concept is to make you see how losing weight does not necessarily mean banishing forbidden foods from your diet! You will also precisely learn how many calories you will need to eat or not in order to gain or lose a kilo.Contents:- Caloric gauge and dashboard.- Food catalogue: 1661 photos of food 1934 foods represented- Possibility to add food to your cart, using or not photos.- Possible to save your own recipes with or without photos.- You can add food items to "Favorites".- Food shopping (it is possible to check your basket for the last 10 days).- Customized Settings.- Help topics.- Small character as your coach ("Flo").- Possibility to customize the dashboard by changing the color of the gauge and the character (by pressing one or the other).No fees, no additional paying options. The only product that we present is the book, The Secret of Weight (available on Amazon), which, if you buy it, will tell you more about the Secret of Weight method!We invite you to test this wonderful tool for yourself!The application’s limited options help us focus on the simple, basic things. You will quickly get to know all the options (but it will still take a few minutes to understand the basic idea). With the help of explanatory texts, you will catch on and before you know it you'll start managing your weight all on your own! Keep it simple, think simple, and lose weight easily!

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