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Name PoseMixerAR:AnimationCharacter
Category Art & Design App
Size 87.0 MB
Reviews 3648
Developer Maruyu Apps
Publish Date: 2022-05-09
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The description of PoseMixerAR App

PoseMixerAR is an application that allows you to apply your own animations to your favorite 3D characters.You can use it to create illustrations, cartoons (comics), watch animations, create images for social networking sites, and much more.Creating an animation is easy!Just choose two of your favorite poses from the more than 440 available!It will automatically create an animation that transitions between the two poses.With AR support, you can take photos with various expressions (including looking at the camera), poses, and angles.Your favorite photos can be shared to Twitter and other social networks from the app.VRoid Hub supportYou can call up to five original 3D characters or public 3D characters.(Please refrain from sharing photos with imitation characters such as Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kizuna Ai, and Tsukino Misato.)Your character used in the Metaverse serviceYou can call it into the real world.-Contents IntroductionIntroduction to AR ModeThere are two modes: "AR Mode" for AR display and "Smartphone Mode" for 3D display in the device.The mode setting can be switched at any time you like while keeping the character intact.You can switch modes by clicking the button on the top left of the app menu.•AR modeBy detecting a flat surface with the AR camera, you can display the character in the real world.If your device does not support AR, you will only be able to use smartphone mode.In order to place a character in AR mode, you must first detect a plane.The plane can be detected by moving the device back and forth, left and right.When a plane is detected, it will be indicated by a green dot.When a plane is detected, it is indicated by a green dot, and the 3D character can be moved by tapping the dot. •Smart Phone ModeYou can place the character in the 3D space.The background can be changed. Green background and blue background are supported.By switching characters, the center of rotation of the camera will move to the feet of the character.Camera Control Method One-finger swipe Rotate Two-finger swipe Parallel movement Pinch in/out Zoom in/out -Pose CategoryWe have prepared a variety of poses, from everyday poses to sexy poses.If there is a pose you would like to see, please send us a request in the review section.•Crouching•Crouch•Kneeling•Sitting•Chair•Roll over•Squatting•Exercise•Rest•Sleep•Falter•I'm sorry•Hold on•Jumper•flyingRecommended for•People who like MMD (Miku Miku Dance)•People who like idols•People who like Hatsune Miku.•People who like to look at cute models•People who like good-looking models.•Those who have VRoid models.•People who like dancing.•If you are looking for an application to help you create pictures, illustrations, cartoons (manga), and drawings.•People who like holo-live.•Those who want to appreciate girl models.•Those who like Niji Sanji.•Those who want to see beautiful girl models.•People who like Vtubers.Icon ModelModel Name:MarielPublisher Name:hyuuuuganatu

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