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Name Kingdom War: Return(Mod)
Category Strategy
Size 90.5MB
Popularity 2639
Score 6.0
Publish Date 06/07/2021
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Mod Info:

Kingdom War: Return(Mod) Shop items can be purchased at will. If the cancel retry box pops up when you enter the store, click Cancel.

Kingdom War: Return(Mod) Game Introduction :

Are you a fan of RPG and real-time strategy games? If so, Kingdom Guardian War: Return will be a good choice for you. The classic strategy tower defense gameplay incorporates elements of role-playing and fighting games; the dreamy 2D graphics present a wonderful game world; the rich adventure mode will bring you multiple game fun.

▶Fantasy story background

You will begin your adventure in a dreamland called Loria. Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, goblins, monsters and other legendary creatures live together on this continent. Every piece of land you pass by, every battle you participate in, every castle you build has its historical story, waiting for you to discover.

▶Changeable adventure scene

Are you brave enough to meet the challenges that are about to begin? Equipped with powerful weapons, prepare enough magic items, enter different fantasy maps, and experience epic wars! There are various monsters hidden in the earth plains, elven jungles, dwarven mountain kingdoms, death swamps, frozen mountains and so on. Each monster will hinder the advancement of adventurers with its unique ability. You can learn about them through Monster Encyclopedia and defeat them.

▶Strategic defense layout

Find the best strategy, build and upgrade in the challenge to strengthen your tower: the militia tower trains strong warriors to help you block and destroy the enemy; the bow and arrow tower causes physical damage, has a wide range of attacks, and high shooting speed; the magic tower, from the most Good wizard control, output magic damage, weaken enemies, and summon fearsome dragons. Graham Tower, a powerful weapon of the kingdom, can throw boulders at the enemy, causing group damage within a certain range.

▶Cultivation of legendary heroes

Now you can select and control 3 heroes in any mission! Each hero has an active skill and three passive skills. Upgrade heroes and their strength will be greatly enhanced.

Join the team of the kingdom guards and meet the challenges of the kingdom. Become the warrior leader of this magical continent!

Kingdom War: Return(Mod) Game screenshot :

Kingdom War: Return(Mod)

Kingdom War: Return(Mod)

Kingdom War: Return(Mod)

Kingdom War: Return(Mod)

Kingdom War: Return(Mod) (90.5MB)

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