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Name Lost Castle (Elite)
Category Adventure
Size 226.4MB
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Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 05/07/2021
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Lost Castle (Elite)

Lost Castle (Elite) Game Introduction :

The light of the domestically made independent game with Steam sales of 1.3 million sets and a favorable rating of 91%-\”Lost Castle\”, is now represented by Thunder Games and officially ported to the mobile platform. Rogue-like elements random + horizontal version of action adventure, support multiplayer online at the same time!

If the smooth control, the changeable gameplay, and the satisfaction of breaking through the levels after repeated defeats, you will like a game. Then, the depths of the castle is definitely a world worth visiting.

Awakening-fighting-obtaining equipment, props, treasures-defeated-awakening, the cycle starts again.
Although the process of this world is very pure, you can meet the most reluctant self in the adventure of constant renovation.

✦ Horizontal action: be careful! You only have 1 life ✦
Moderate blow feeling + easy-to-handle operation mode + \”slightly a little harder\” challenge difficulty, the familiar gameplay of \”horizontal movement through levels\” will wake up the initial restlessness of the fingers. A large number of Roguelike elements allow all relevant cards, monsters, and props to be randomly generated, and luck has become a weapon that determines the victory.
But don\’t forget, treasure hunters have only one life, and death will take away all wealth. So be careful, the test after the next door may be fatal.

✦ Massive random weapons: 200 kinds of crazy drops in 7 categories ✦
The \”professional differentiation\” dominated by weapons is a major feature of the game. Each weapon will give the character different displacement actions and attack skills. More than 200 types of weapons in 7 categories are randomly dropped, and they can always surprise you in the game. Even if it is deadlocked, there may be room for turning over because of a weapon.
Finally, definitely! determine! And for sure! Whenever you find an artifact in the castle, you feel good all day long.

✦ 4 people free online: free entry to love and kill each other ✦
Once you have a handle and I have a handle, one day is passed by laughing and joking.
From now on, you will be beaten up by strangers in the castle with a mobile phone and a mobile phone.
Admission to the Lost Castle is free, and try hard to protect the original intention of wanting to play with friends!
The online mode with up to 4 people allows the adventure journey to kick off in equipment grabbing and mutual conflict.
Maybe you are used to walking alone, but there are more and more hunters breaking into the castle, and among them there will be companions who are willing to guard you.

✦ Daily challenge gameplay: exclusive road to advancement for the strong ✦
The more you pass the levels under harsh conditions, the more you can find a sense of accomplishment!
Brand new daily challenge gameplay, a special hand-to-hand gameplay for the Great God! Randomly generate a variety of restrictions, increase the difficulty, and double the reward.
When the system closes a door for you, all you have to do is to kick the door open by operation.

✦ Rich skin achievement: Collect crazy demons to live for love ✦
\”The Lost Castle\” mobile game inherits the PC version of the achievement system, and further expands the custom appearance function, releasing the addiction of collecting in the heart for treasure hunters. The most joyful is the time to put down the painful achievement medal! The most joyful is when the rare orange appearance is drawn! The castle pays off.
As long as you persist, you will always have a way to get what you want.

Rebirth in infinite loss!
This sentence is not only about you as a treasure hunter.
Even if you quit the game and return to the world outside the screen of your mobile phone, those enthusiasm for the game, longing for dreams, and expectations for yourself all continue to give birth to new flames in the dark, resisting the blows of life.

Never put down the weapons in your hands, and don\’t leave the world where you danced for up and down, left and right BA when you were a child.
\”Lost Castle\” is hoping to welcome such a warrior, and the door is open.

Lost Castle (Elite) Game screenshot :

Lost Castle (Elite)

Lost Castle (Elite)

Lost Castle (Elite)

Lost Castle (Elite)

Lost Castle (Elite)

Lost Castle (Elite)

Lost Castle (Elite) (226.4MB)

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