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Name Safe Abortion (SA)
Category Medical App
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Developer Hesperian Health Guides
Publish Date: 2022-07-01
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The description of Safe Abortion (SA) App

This app provides comprehensive, user-friendly information on safe abortion. The app’s gestational calculator helps women determine their options, and clear, illustrated information describes what women can expect from safe abortions with pills, MVA, and D&E, and how to address possible complications should they arise. An extensive FAQ section addresses a broad spectrum of concerns regarding abortion. To be used alone or shared by women, healthcare workers and women’s health advocates,Safe Abortion is designed to ensure user privacy. Once downloaded, this app operates totally offline, without a data plan or internet access. By meeting women’s needs for reliable, understandable and actionable information, this app can help prevent the harm caused by unsafe abortion and fight against attempts to restrict women’s access to reproductive health.The app’s main menu is located at the top left corner of the pink header. Use the menu to navigate to the app’s features and information, including:1. “Estimate how many weeks pregnant,” with our built-in gestational calculator. Just plug in the date of her last period to determine how many weeks pregnant a woman is. The app calculates which safe abortion method is most recommended, which other methods will work, and which will not.2. “Safe methods of abortion” and “Comparison of methods” explain the methods of safe abortion – using pills, MVA and EVA suction abortions, and D&E surgical abortions – and the pros and cons of each method. It tells you how to prepare, what to expect, what happens after, and when you can resume common activities.3. “Abortion with pills” and “How to use misoprostol by itself” describe the correct doses for and ways to use misoprostol (with or without mifepristone) for medical abortions at different weeks of pregnancy. It also describes the correct doses of antibiotic, anti-nausea, and painkiller medicines which may be needed for the different abortion methods.4. “Emergency Contraception” includes information and instructions regarding emergency contraception, using dedicated EC pills as well as common birth control pills, for women who had unprotected sex less than 5 days before and wish to prevent a possible pregnancy.5. “Danger signs” describes what to do if there is fever, excessive pain or bleeding, or other worrisome signs, providing clear indications when clinical or emergency help is needed.6. An extensive “FAQs” section provides answers to more than 30 questions about abortion procedures and concerns, presenting clear, medically correct, nonjudgmental responses to support women making their own decisions and controlling their own bodies and futures. This function can also be accessed by selecting the question mark on the orange footer.By selecting the star at the top of a page, users can save (bookmark) that page. They may access that and other previously saved pages by selecting the star icon on the orange footer.The orange search bar at the top allows users to search for specific information quickly or go back to a previous page.The app is available in English, Spanish, and French. To change the language, select the gear icon in the top right corner and choose a language from the options menu.For questions about the app itself, select the gear icon and choose “Help.”In an age of increasing restrictions on access to reproductive rights and services, this is the app you’ve been waiting for!

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