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Name Tiny Space Program Mod
Category Strategy
Size 28.6MB
Popularity 6026
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 19/06/2021
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Mod Info:

Tiny Space Program Mod Lots of points, crystals, research points

Tiny Space Program Mod Game Introduction :

This game is in a early release and is updated constantly. Almost every week more content is added. Everything in-game is free. If you like the genre and are willing to help and give some feedback about this game, feel free to try it out!

What would you do if you are a billionaire? owning your own space program, managing, researching and building new space ships, mining on planets and moons, bringing tourist into space for a space walk or just sending researchers to explore what is out there.

In Tiny Space Program, like modern space companies such as Spacex, Blue origins and Virgin Galactic, you decide/manage what rockets you launch, if you want to bring tourists to Mars and The Moon, or start a mining operation on IO, Titan, Europa or Pluto. You manage and simulate the early colonization of our near future of our interplanetary society and learn what kinds of challenges exists for such an endeavor.


– Space Program Manager.

– Building off-world colonies and outposts.

– Launch Space Ships and rockets into orbit.

– Research different technologies,

– Mine resources from stellar bodies,

– Character progression of astronauts

– Spacesuits

– Based on real orbital mechanics and ship propulsion

– Establish Off-world economies

Features – to be implemented

– much more rockets and space ships.

– Space stations

– Drones and idle rovers

– Orbital Factories – Capital ships

– Facilitating space colonies

– Colonies to trade with

– Stellar bodies beyond Pluto

– Interstellar Travel.

– (idle) Trade routes and automation (idle production)

Tiny Space Program Mod Game screenshot :

Tiny Space Program Mod

Tiny Space Program Mod

Tiny Space Program Mod

Tiny Space Program Mod

Tiny Space Program Mod

Tiny Space Program Mod (28.6MB)

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