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Name 弹弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill)
Category Sports
Size 123.2MB
Popularity 5948
Publisher Pixel Perfect Dude S.A.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 10/06/2021
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Mod Info:

弹弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill) 1. Enemy Dosn´t Attack
2. 1 Hit Kill

弹弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill) Game Introduction :

\”This is a wrestling game you have never played! The controls are simple and fun; they may remind you of billiards, curling or pinball. Classical wrestling moves and unique combinations add exciting tactical and strategic depth. In Make a monster-like impact at the right place to knock down your opponent, or keep your signature moves for a Jedi counterattack, or start a combo for rebounding through the edge.

Collect, train and raise hundreds of wrestlers. Combine the unique attributes and abilities of different types of heroes to form a perfect wrestling team for each match and fight in numerous single-player games or real-time PVP leagues.

Build your roster
●Collect hundreds of unique wrestlers and build the best wrestling team
●Train your wrestlers to unlock iconic throws, grips and air strikes.
●Manage their wrestling career from novice to expert to superstar

Snooker games
●Wrestling is very simple, only one hand is needed
● Pull back, aim, and let go!
●In-depth tactical selection
●Adjust the angle for the combo

Numerous single player games
●Hundreds of levels, full of unique challenges
● Throw the folding chair, light the rope, and jump off the corner post.
●Achieve high scores on the leaderboard

Real-time PVP League
●Clash head-to-head with other players in the PVP multiplayer league
●Continuously climb the level in the league to reach the peak

Wrestling show
● Funny announcer comments
●When talented rookies are just rookies, discover them
●Please make a baby face, otherwise just turn around and leave
● Must not break the unspoken rules!

弹弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill) Game screenshot :

彈弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill)

彈弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill)

彈弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill)

彈弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill)

彈弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill)

彈弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill)

弹弓摔跤(1 Hit Kill) (123.2MB)

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