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Name Sniper moment (trial version)
Category Casual
Size 87.2MB
Popularity 6832
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 08/06/2021
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Mod Info:

Sniper moment (trial version) The leisure puzzle mobile game \”sniper time\” has been launched at 10 a.m. on May 14. Welcome to download!

Sniper moment (trial version) Game Introduction :

There is a cold sniper on the roof, quietly watching a group of criminals, only to see him open the sight, calmly move the heart to the head of one of them. He shot! Other criminals nervously look around, just before they find the location of the sniper, one or two shots are accurately hit, and the sniper task is completed perfectly! Players in this game, play is such a sniper, rely on their own calm and wisdom, defeat all criminals, complete the task of sniping!
Sniper moment game features:
1. Leisure and fun. Easy to use game play, long press to open the sight and aim, let go shooting, so that both heavy players or light players can quickly start.
2. Feel refreshing. The smoke effects and the fine depiction of characters\’ actions make the shooting process more vivid and refreshing, so as to get a better shooting experience.
3. A variety of firearms. All kinds of guns make the game more colorful. You can also upgrade your own guns to increase their power. In the later stage, you can even use rocket launchers and rockets to kill with one hit.

Sniper moment (trial version) Game screenshot :

Sniper moment (trial version)

Sniper moment (trial version)

Sniper moment (trial version)

Sniper moment (trial version)

Sniper moment (trial version)

Sniper moment (trial version) (87.2MB)

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