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Name Mazeater(Unlock all levels)
Category Casual
Size 20.5MB
Popularity 3025
Publisher G2y
Score 6.0
Publish Date 23/11/2020
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Mod Info:

Mazeater(Unlock all levels) Unlock all levels

Mazeater(Unlock all levels) Game Introduction :

Mazeater is here! Come and try to play a unique mode different from ordinary maze games! Challenge a maze adventure with lively and interesting background music in the exquisite game screen!
Player will control a hungry little monster in the game, control it to constantly find various foods in the maze and eat them, At the same time, pay attention to avoid those enemies that will hurt you. As the target food to be swallowed increases, the player\’s score will increase. As the score gained increases,the little monsters will grow bigger and bigger.When the small monster controlled by the player grows large enough, it can swallow the target that was previously unattainable. In the later stages of the game, the little monster can even eat the maze!
The process of exploring the maze has not been smooth sailing. Take care to avoid the enemies wandering in the maze! If you touch them accidentally, your score will be deducted. As a result, the progress of growth will slow down.
Having trouble in the maze? We have also designed skills to help you explore the maze! Using skills can make you tide over difficulties faster!
Explore the maze, find food, avoid enemies, use skills, and gradually grow into a giant beast, devouring EVERYTHING, UNSTOPPABLE and INVINCIBLE!
-Unique game mode: Maze + Gluttonous snake swallow food
-Explore in the maze in the early stage, find food, and work hard for growth
-When you are big enough later, swallow all the mazes
-Become a behemoth and dominate the maze
-Pay attention to avoiding the enemy, touching the enemy will cause the score deduction.
-Use skills to make the game more fun

Mazeater(Unlock all levels) Game screenshot :

Mazeater(Unlock all levels)

Mazeater(Unlock all levels)

Mazeater(Unlock all levels)

Mazeater(Unlock all levels)

Mazeater(Unlock all levels) (20.5MB)

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